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PTS Adds More Experience with Martyn.

Kyle Martyn joins Perfect Touch Soccer as the Director of Business Operations. Kyle brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the game. In addition to PTS private training and programs, Kyle will play a key role in Developing new opportunities for PTS. Get to know Kyle more by checking out his Q&A below.

Question: What is it that you love most about soccer?

Answer: This is a sport that I grew up with and fell in love with at an early age. So I guess you could say that there's a lot that I love about this game. Everything from the match day gitters you get in the locker room, to the competitive aspect of the training sessions, to the camaraderie with your teammates at the end of a good fought win. It's just an all around great sport.

Question: What is your favorite part about coaching?

Answer: For me coaching offers a whole new set of emotions and experiences that you can't really get as a player. But every one of them makes you appreciate the game that much more. Personally, because I'm so passionate about soccer and everything that comes with it, It always brings immense joy to my heart when I see the children I coach share that same passion. Because that's what it really comes down to for me. Its about the sharing of that passion and using it to become the best player and ambassador for this sport you can possibly be.

Question: What will you bring to PTS?

Answer: Throughout my career as a player I have played at numerous amateur and professional levels here in America. I've been with teams in the MLS, USL, PDL, and NASL. I also am a licensed staff coach for Continental FC, which is considered one of the largest youth soccer clubs in Pennsylvania. So as a trainer, having that wealth of knowledge from both a professional player and coaching for a nationally recognized soccer organization adds value. It allows me to give players the detailed tools and feedback they need to succeed that most coaches wouldn't know of because of their lack of experience.

You always want to look at things and ask yourself "How can we do this better?" Working closely with our PTS team, we will be looking at things on a daily basis to make sure that we are making PTS better every day. Because the better PTS is, the better experience the players we train have. And that is what it's all about really.

Question: How do you measure success in your training environments?

Answer: For me it all boils down to consistency. Doing things right, doing them fast, it all falls under that umbrella of repetition and making sure that everything you do is done right and efficiently. Anyone can hit the top right corner of the goal once. Anyone can do a footwork pattern and do it successfully once. Anyone can pass a ball at pace to a player 30 yards away once. But can you do those things consistently? That's what minimizes mistakes, and that's what makes great players great. Doing things the right way, every single time.

Question: who is your favorite player and why?

Answer: Well, I could go the easy route and say Messi or Ronaldo. But thats not fun (laughs). I would have to say my favorite player is Andres Iniesta from FC Barcelona. I just love watching how such a small man with little to no physique can play and dominate the game in the fashion that he does. His touch, his balance, his ability to escape from players, everything about him is just a joy to watch. Players today could learn a lot about the game by just watching him play. For me, Iniesta is one of the greatest players I have ever seen.

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