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What our PTS family has to say:  

“Perfect Touch Soccer is an excellent resource for training soccer foot skills, game tactics, and fitness.  The number of touches the students get in each session is unbelievable. Additionally, the students learn by doing. They are corrected and coached one on one versus stopping the whole drill for all students.  Finally, the interaction with the students is great.  The trainers communicate clearly and make their points while keeping it enjoyable.”


- Glenn Apple

"Our 12-year old son has been working with Matt Baker for about three years now.  Matt has been phenomenal, both as a role model and as a coach.  He is a very dedicated, responsible, innovative, disciplined, hard-working, sincere (we can go on and on….) individual.  He has the ability to connect with the kids and still have their respect. Our son has benefitted tremendously from his coaching and mentoring.  It is amazing when Matt will have a new drill at a practice and we find out he got the idea for this drill in his dream as he was thinking on how to improve a particular skill.  We can see Matt is an astute student of the game and is always experimenting with new techniques/drills/skills to challenge our son and push him to get better.  Matt has been a tremendous positive influence for our son.  We wish Perfect Touch Soccer all the very best!" 


- Deepti and Kanchan 

"It is rare to find a coach who inspires the best in your child and makes the hard work fun – Matt Baker is truly exceptional.  His technical training is innovative, challenging, and unequaled in the Lehigh Valley.  He consistently maintains the highest work rate (greater than 95%) for his sessions and only uses positive reinforcement, never negativity, to bring out the best in his students. Having trained with Matt and his PTS team for the past two years, our boys (ages 7 and 9)  have developed strong footskills, ball control, speed and agility. Matt and his coaches have helped our boys gain confidence with the ball, one of the most important skills needed to master the extremely technical game of soccer.  With Matt’s training, we have seen both our young boys excel with their respective teams. They love to attend PTS training and always leave their sessions with a sense of accomplishment and a big smile. We are privileged to have Matt as a role model and a coach for our boys."


- Scott and Crislyn Sheeler

"There are rare moments in life when you know what you got is rare and special. I absolutely think this about Matt Baker. He truly is a gem when it comes to knowing how to develop and motivate young athletic talent. I have witnessed him bringing out the best in several athletes who are willing to put in the time and effort to excel at their sport.  He has made the world of difference for my children - one of whom has now gone on to play for a top girls’ academy in the country and has been accepted into ODP for soccer. I 1000% endorse Perfect Touch Sports."  


- J. Burg-Travis

“Our daughter has been training with Perfect Touch Soccer for 2 yrs now. She has gained balance, speed, confidence and ball control. Perfect Touch Soccer is exactly what she needed to advance her soccer skills. Matt and his staff relate to her on a personal level, which makes it fun as well. They are tough, focused, driven and truly have a passion for the game. They brought out the best in her.  Hands down the best thing we ever could do for our daughter!!  She absolutely loves it!!”


- Karen Gundrum

"Jane and I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for Johnny and Anthony in the last five weeks. I'm sure you're aware of the moves Anthony did today at game speed and we have you PTS to thank for that!!! Our boys have found a love for soccer since you've been training them. All they do now is practice the homework moves, watch the taped sessions, and look forward to next weeks training. We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, patience, and caring for our boys. It seems you want them to succeed as much as we do and that is priceless. So glad to have found you. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our boys with you!"


- Christian & Jane Kittelstad

"Our Travel Soccer team has now used Perfect Touch Soccer for weekly training and team camps for 2 years.   The touch skills and the boys understanding of the game - have improved dramatically. I have used other trainers in past years with my older boys teams and they were OK but nowhere near the level of improvement that Perfect Touch Soccer has demonstrated. We are looking forward to year 3 - the kids are pumped and like it too - kids can get bored with the same routine and Perfect Touch has the right balance between the core touch skills laced with neat drills and games the boys love. All in all the right formula."  


- Greg Scharf, Southern Lehigh U12 coach

"My son’s foot skills and ball control have greatly improved from working with Perfect Touch Soccer. Training is always professional and conducted at a high level. I am looking forward to what PTS has planned moving forward!"          


- Kathy McAllister

"Matt has been great for our team - with his help we've become one of the strongest teams in the Lehigh Valley."    

- Coach of St. Thomas More U12G

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