PTS Select gives players the opportunity to continue their development through the summer and winter months while testing themselves through competition.  

PTS Select is club neutral and does not replace a players' current team. Players will receive high level training 1-2 times a week and compete in two tournaments. This program is designed for the travel player looking to challenge their development in a positive environment.

PTS Select Process

  1. ID sessions help us gauge interest at an age group and see if we need to look for more players to form a team.

  2. If needed, an additional training session will be provided to form teams. This is included in the ID cost as well. 

  3. Teams will be formed in April for Summer Select and December for Futsal Select.

  4. Summer Select training begins in June. Futsal Select Training begins in December. Teams will participate in two tournaments TBD. 

PTS Futsal Select

Futsal Select ID Sessions | $20

Friday 11/1 and Saturday 11/2


7:00-8:00 | Click here to register

2009/2010 Boys and Girls

2008 Boys and Girls


8:00-9:00 | Click here to register

2007 Boys and Girls

2005/2006 Boys

PTS Futsal Select cost is $375 and includes: tournament entry, uniforms, field fees, and all coaching fees for trainings and matches.

Training (Time TBD between 5:00-8:00)

Dates: Dec 14, 21, 28. Jan 4, 11, 18, 25.

Location: Lower Macungie Community Center: 3400 Brookside Rd. Macungie, PA 18062

Tournament Options (2 will be selected. Highlighted are most likely.)

  1. Tournament Series @ LRC on 1/5

  2. Tournament Series @ United Sports on 1/20

  3. Tournament Series @ The Nook on 2/1

  4. Tournament Series @ LRC on 2/9

  5. U.S. Futsal Northeast Regional Championship @ Atlantic City on TBD

*additional tournaments may be added on a team by team basis at an additional cost. 

Custom Select Team

Grab your teammates and friends to form your own custom Futsal Select or Summer Select team. Once you have your squad, PTS will help set up your training plan and tournament schedule. Grab your skills and let's hustle!

Check Back in January for PTS Summer Select 2020!

Check out our upcoming Skill Programs by clicking here.

PTS Summer Select ID Session cost is $30 for two sessions.

PTS Summer Select cost is $500 and includes: tournament entry, uniforms, field fees, and all coaching fees for trainings and matches.

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