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Bayern Munich Star trains at PTS in offseason! Q&A

Local standout Gina Lewandowski took a chance to play overseas and hasn't looked back since. A current professional for FC Bayern München in Germany, success on the field seems to follow her wherever she goes. Check out our Q&A below!

Name: Gina Lewandowski

Age: 29

Team: FC Bayern München (Munich)

Educational Background: B.S. in Biology, Lehigh University ('07) Years playing: 23 years, 8th year professional Position: defender, mostly outside Hobbies: reading, traveling, biking, listening to music

1. What is training like at Bayern Munich?

Training is a mixture of technical and tactical exercises. We normally start with a few technical drills working on our touch and/or passing and then try to transfer that into some tactical drills. A great deal of focus is placed on tactics and positioning on the field so we have multiple forms of small sided games that often end up building into a full sided game. The physical component of the game is also a focus so quite often we have drills to improve that aspect as well. Of course, trainings are also always quite intense but fun!

2. What did you have to go through to make the team?

Because I had been playing with 1. FFC Frankfurt for 5 years beforehand, the coach here in Munich already knew me as a player within the Bundesliga, the German league. When he found out that my contract in Frankfurt was running out, he contacted me and asked if I wanted to come to Munich.

Before I made the team in Frankfurt, I had about a 2-3 week long tryout before they told me I had made the team. I came to Germany on my own and therefore had to try-out for the team.

3. What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish something. If you have a goal and a dream, do all you can to achieve it. Don't give up, have faith, and always believe in yourself and the talents you have been given.

4. Do you have a saying or motto that you live by?

Not really but I have always liked Carpe diem.

5. What is your greatest achievement thus far?

Winning the Treble, meaning the German league title, German Cup title, and the UEFA Women’s cup title all in one year.

6. What advice would you give to young players?

Nothing is out of reach. With discipline, hard work, persistence, a willingness to learn and a good attitude, anything is possible. And always give your best.Also, see #3 answers

7. What are your favorite cleats? Color?

The ones I have at the moment - adidas Women's F30 TRX, light blue

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