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Perfect Touch Soccer offers position specific private and small group training. PTS also provides team training, skill programs, and camps throughout the year. Making players better is what we enjoy doing. 


Learn to create your future with PTS. 



A 1on1 or small group training environment to focus on position specific technical development. In a small group we can expand the curriculum to passing sequences, possession play, & competitive scenarios. Form your own group of 2-8 players. 


The PTS Excellence program is about aligning your training plan with your goals in order to SMASH THEM! This is a commitment. Players will be required to set goals and track their progress in order to earn their Hustle, Grind, & Inspire player levels. 



Let PTS bring custom training to you! Our Team Training sessions are perfect for any season. Pick the number of sessions per week and for how many weeks. We will work with you to provide custom training based on what your team needs.


A PTS Skill Program or Camp will help refine the technical skills needed to dominate on game day. All Programs and Camps use professional level curriculum and are designed to be physically challenging in a competitive environment.

After one session with Perfect Touch Soccer, I could already see the similarities of the various training techniques we also use here in Germany or at any professional level. It was a great environment with challenging yet fun technical drills to bring about the proper development for reaching the next level. It was great to also see that individuals of all ages and abilities are welcomed to train with them. I really enjoyed it and hope to train again soon!      


- Gina Lewandowski, FC Bayern München

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