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Additional Services

PTS is here to help! If we do not already know an answer, we will help you figure it out!   

Perfect Touch Soccer Video Analysis
Perfect Touch Soccer College Recruiting
Perfect Touch Soccer Coaching Education
Video Analysis.


Our Video Analysis sessions help exploit our weaknesses to better understand the right approach to development. Your 1-hour training session will be recorded, edited, and posted online for your review. This is a great way to see your own mistakes and fix them at home. Over time, Video Analysis Sessions will clearly showcase your progression. Check out some of these sessions on YouTube.


College Recruiting


We understand how intimidating recruiting can be. Selling yourself isn’t easy, so don’t do it alone. We can help bring exposure to your players and initiate conversations on your behalf. We can give honest evaluations as to where players may fit into the college system. 


Through an initial player assessment, we will guide you in your decision making process. Using player training and game video, we can initiate conversations with prospective coaches. Let us be your resource throughout your recruiting process!

Coaching Education


We are constantly trying to learn new progressive approaches to help develop better players and teams. Let us help you come up with a guideline to accomplish your player, team, or club goals.


We will help you understand how to develop individual technical skills. What drills work. How to set up individualized exercises for a team session. Why they work, and how to progress. 


We can help educate how and why certain drills will benefit your team. We will help you become more efficient with your practice set up and have an understanding of session progressions towards an end goal.

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