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European Clubs Promote Private Training

The European Club Association outlines how clubs approach training in the Report on Youth Academies in Europe. ECA Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge believes that "Youth development is a key issue and will always remain so. Each football club has developed its own initiatives when it comes to youth development and there is a lot to learn from each other on this front." At Perfect Touch Soccer, we couldn't agree more. Youth development is imperative to allow players to take advantage of the growing opportunities that come from the sport.

The majority of the Report discusses how European clubs run their Academies. They talk about how Academies are organized, what their Vision and Objective is, infrastructure, productivity, etc. Our focus at PTS is on the technical content and coaching found in the Report.

  • "66% of the clubs focus on individual progression rather than team development; however, most training sessions are organized with the team." (ECA)

  • "Individual sessions: U12 once per week 30-60 minutes and >12 at least 2x per week, 90 minutes to 2 hours per week." (ECA)

At PTS we can assist with every aspect of the game. Our main focus is on individual technical development. We have created a professional curriculum that can accommodate individual players, small groups, or even team sessions focusing on the individual. This Report has proven PTS is on the right path. The development of the youth will always remain a key issue, and we will be there to help!

"The major challenge is finding the right balance between technical and tactical development of the players within the different age groups. With the increasing speed of the game, it is even more important to focus on technical development in all age groups." (ECA)

Below you will find supporting data from The Report on Youth Academies in Europe by the ECA from three of the bigger member clubs:

Arsenal FC

Age Category: 8-10 years.

  • Development should be fun for the children.

  • Receiving passes, dribbling, shooting.

Age Category; 11 to 15 years

  • Development of individual capacity within competitive games.

  • Ball mastery, receiving and passing, moves, moves 1:1, speed, finishing and group attack.

  • Drill work. Time spent with the ball is key.

FC Barcelona

7 to 11 years (U8 to U12): 'Pre-Benjamin, Benjamin, Alevin'Team's Training

  • Individual tasks: dribbling, blocking the ball, trap control but all during the match.

  • General exercises for stimulating the individual technic combined with exercises for development in overall football concepts.

  • One part of training is dedicated to individual technical exercises. This includes dribbling and driving the ball.

12 to 18 (U13 to U19): 'Infantil, Cadete, Juvenil'

  • To familiarize and develop skills by field position games and small-sided games.

  • Special technical exercises for ball control and passing.

FC Bayern Munchen

7-10 years (Basic Sector)

  • Main focus on ball training and co-ordination.

  • "Copy the street game" - fun, win/defeat, 1:1

  • Learning the basic football skills

11 to 15 years (Build up - sector)

  • Main focus on detailed technique skills, individual and group tactics, speed.

  • Main focus (method) on individual strength and weaknesses.

For additional information, the Report can be found online at:​

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